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Wildlife Species Guide

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Captive Wildlife Permits and Regulations

Dog Training Regs (captive birds)| Captive Regs FAQ | Captive Wildlife Application | How to Raise Pheasants


Q.  Who must obtain a Captive Wildlife Permit?

A.  Anyone who wishes to keep a protected species as a pet, or anyone who wishes to operate a game farm to raise and/or sell game birds or mammals.

Q.  If I have a Controlled Shooting Area Permit, do I also need a Captive Wildlife Permit?

A.  No, the Controlled Shooting Area Permit is sufficient.

Q.  Do I need a Captive Wildlife Permit to purchase and hold game birds for training my dog myself under the dog training regulations?

A.  No. The regulations allow the purchase and possession of birds for dog training purposes when that training is a non-competitive process solely intended to enhance the hunting skills of dogs and not an organized dog trial. You are allowed to harvest no more than two hen pheasants, five quail and unlimited partridge, mallards and pigeons released during any training session. A training session shall be sunrise to sunset of a single day. While in the field during a training session, you must possess a receipt for the birds you purchased and released. Any birds released but not recovered during the training session become classified as wild birds and may not be harvested on subsequent days. You are allowed to obtain and keep in captivity, without obtaining a Captive Wildlife Permit, birds for dog training purposes for a period not to exceed 14 days from the date of receipt of purchased birds. Training is permitted on private land with the landowner’s written permission. Release of birds on public land for the purpose of dog training is not allowed except during organized dog trials permitted by the Commission.  All birds released for training purposes must be banded by a breeder from whom purchased or the trainer. If you inadvertently harvest a wild bird during training activities, that bird shall count towards the number permitted to be harvested per day and you must immediately place a band on that bird.  If participating in a dog trial on a Controlled Shooting Area (CSA), the owner/operator of said CSA shall have the necessary paperwork to document source of birds. Individuals harvesting and keeping birds during such an event shall have sales tags issued by the CSA operator.

Q.  Can I capture a wild bird or wild mammal and keep it as a pet?

A.  No, it is illegal to remove wildlife from the wild in Nebraska.

Q.  Can I obtain and release raptors (hawks and falcons) under a Captive Wildlife Permit?

A.  No, for raptors you need a falconry permit from the Game and Parks Commission.

Q.  Will a Captive Wildlife Permit allow me to retain approved species in captivity without any further restrictions?

A.  If you live within city limits, you should check with the Animal Control Office or City Attorney to determine if a specific animal may be kept in captivity.

Q.  Do I need a Captive Wildlife Permit to purchase and hold game birds for use in approved dog trials?

A.  No. A Sporting Dog Trial or Hunt Test, approved by the Commission allows persons to purchase and possess pen-raised birds to be used in these trials. Persons holding a valid Sporting Trial or Hunt Test authorization may hold pen-raised birds for a period not to exceed 30 days beyond the date of purchase of those birds.

Q.  Do I need a Captive Wildlife Permit if I am using a recall pen while training my dog?

A.  No, recall pens may be used in conjunction with dog training. Use of Recall Pens requires an approved Recall Pen Permit issued by the Commission.

Q.  Can I get a permit to purchase a raccoon?

A.  You must check with your City Attorney or Animal Control in your area.  Some cities and towns do not allow raccoons in the city limits.

Q.  Do I need a Captive Wildlife Permit if I want to purchase and raise birds to release them on my property?

A.  Yes, you do need a Captive Wildlife Permit, if you hold birds for more than 14 days beyond the date of purchase.  If birds are held fewer than 14 days beyond the date of purchase and then released, a Captive Wildlife Permit is not required.

Q.  What wildlife species can I release on my property?

A.  Pheasants, quail, partridge and mallards.



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