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Why Pheasants Are Important

By Tom Osborne

As many folks know, I am an avid hunter and fisherman as well as a huge supporter of family farms and ranches. You may also know that I am a strong advocate for youth mentoring and healthy families. What folks might not know is that I would like to see more opportunities for people to hunt and fish as a way to build healthier family relationships, more robust rural economies, and stronger ties to farming, ranching and healthy lands. A larger pheasant population has the potential to be the cornerstone that ties these important relationships together.

What do my feelings about the outdoors, family, farming and ranching have to do with this publication? To begin with, I do not think we are doing enough to restore the pheasant population. I have been working closely with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and I believe they are doing as much as they can to help. However, there is only so much the Commission can do with limited resources. As a farmer or rancher, you are part of the group that owns the 97 percent of the land in the state where most pheasants live. I understand that you are only one person, but if you work with the Commission, hunters, and other Nebraska citizens who also have a strong interest in this effort - combined with a little money - much can be accomplished. It will take a Nebraska-like effort, but I know that increasing Nebraska's pheasant population is possible.

The information on this web page provides an important step in increasing the pheasant population. Please take advantage of it.


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