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Solutions: Yards

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There are 4 areas of consideration when dealing with solutions: acreages, Farm Ponds, Shelter Belts and Yards.

Even when landscaping the yard around the house, and this can apply whether that house is in town, on an acreage, or is a yard on a genuine farm or ranch, some things can be done which will help wildlife. Any plants you establish will attract certain birds at times of the year. The wider the variety of plants, the wider the bird variety.

In town the lot line will define planting limits, of course, but elsewhere the vegetation can continue as far as the owner wishes. Also in town, consider the neighbor's lot, and try not to duplicate it. Add variety.

Generally, birds prefer a selection of tall deciduous and evergreen trees, medium and low deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, plus vines, grasses and garden plants, and even some bare ground and some gravel or sand areas. And, with a diversity of plants, one disease will not destroy a whole yard.

Plant only a portion of the yard in traditional short "carpet." Use taller prairie grasses and flowers in the background, with woodland shrubs and flowers in the shade. Consider an expanded rock garden and flower beds, with perhaps even a clover patch and interior low fences with shrubs or vines. These will screen stacks of firewood, brush and compost, as well as protecting the garden from rabbits, dogs and children.

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