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Wildlife Habitat

Planning and Planting for the Future

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All living things are dependent on other living things, and this is very evident when considering wildlife on the central plains. Living "things" in the form of vegetative growth, known collectively as habitat, have a value to other Quail covey "beings"" which varies greatly during the year, depending on its type, abundance, proximity and quality, coupled with factors such as weather. But, no matter how it is evaluated, habitat is what keeps wildlife alive. It provides the food, and shelter, and safety for all species.

While only major game species are usually thought of when discussing habitat, all wild things from insects to birds and the largest mammals, benefit fit or suffer depending upon nature's and man's manipulations of vegetative cover.

With less than five percent of Nebraska's real estate in public ownership, it is evident that the state's farmers and ranchers hold the controls over wildlife numbers and their welfare. How much these landowners do, or want to do for wildlife, depends on many factors. The management of certain habitat areas on their lands can cost nothing or very little, yet could be of tremendous benefit to wildlife. It is to this end that these pages are devoted. We hope to encourage some plantings and practices, and to give some recommendations as to those which are most suitable to certain land or terrain types.

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