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Planting is not a simple topic, but neither is it so complex a procedure that failure is more likely than not. Things are planted as seeds, cuttings, seedlings, or plants. Procedures vary considerably. but none are complicated.

Seedlings are merely small or young versions of the adult tree. They are usually available in several sizes, from several inches to two feet in height, and are usually bare-rooted for spring planting.

Seeds range from mere dots to large nuts, such as hlack walnuts, acorns, peach pits and the like.

Cuttings are sections of a vine or branch which are placed in soil or planting medium to sprout roots. These will become clones of the parent plant, and this technique is very common for such species as cottonwood, willows, and grapes. Planting of larger stock is usually done at the permanent site, and will usually involve balled or potted roots, which enhances survival during transit and planting by reducing shock.

In all cases, information is available from county extension offices local nurseries or greenhouses, or informed friends. In recent years, the green-thumb syndrome has spread markedly, with people in all walks of life and all areas being motivated to plant and grow things. This is certainly a wholesome trend, and one which appears to be just beginning. It is also a trend which benefits all involved, making life healthier and more pleasant for all.

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