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Wildlife Habitat

Solutions: Farm Ponds

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There are 4 areas of consideration when dealing with solutions: Acreages, Farm Ponds, Shelter Belts and Yards.

Much wildlife activity occurs around water, as a lake or pond attracts some animals just as it does people. And,much can be done around ponds to enhance them for many wildlife species.

Vegetation grows profusely near water,providing all that is needed for somespecies, and all but food for others. The same trees and shrubs used on dry land can be used near ponds, with moisture-loving species planted nearest the water. Dense growing varieties of grasses and legumes, intermixed with woody shrubs like chokecherry, plum, and elderberry along with a few larger trees, will suit nearly all wildlife species. Red cedars are excellent forcover, especially if a small, dense stand ofthem or junipers is established near the pond.

Although many farm ponds are established primarily for watering of livestock, they remain in much better condition and provide more habitat longer if cattle are fenced to only a portion of the shoreline. The mere fencing of the pond can make a tremendous difference in its usefulness and appearance. Grass around the pond will control runoff water entering the pond, reducing silting and turbidity.

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