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Motorized Trail Etiquette

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Dick Turpin - ATV Etiquette


  • Stay on the trails and do not wander from the established route.
  • In encounters with animals, stop and allow them to move off leisurely. Do not chase them or attempt to move closer for a better look.
  • Do not remove the factory-installed muffler to install one that makes more noise.
  • Honor all “no trespassing” signs, and ask permission to ride on private property.
  • Be safe and courteous to other users of the trail.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Drive over, not around obstacles to avoid widening the trail on ATV/Motorbike/OHV trails.
  • Cross streams only at designated fording points or where trail crosses the stream.
  • When possible, avoid mud. If you do come across mud on the trail, do not widen the trail by going around it. Drive through it by going easy on the throttle to avoid wheel spin, which can cause rutting.
  • Comply with all signs and barriers.
  • Switchbacks are designed to maintain the stability of a trail. Cutting through them destroys their integrity.
  • Buddy up with two or three riders. Riding solo can leave you vulnerable if you have an accident or breakdown.
  • Designate meeting areas in case of separation.
  • Leave gates as you find them.
  • Yield the right of way to those passing you or traveling uphill.
  • Yield to mountain bikers, hikers and horses.
  • Keep speeds low around crowds and in camping areas.
  • Keep the noise and dust down.
  • Pack out what you pack in.
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