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Cowboy Recreation & Nature Trail

Trail Distances

Historically most communities in Nebraska were spaced around 15 to 20 miles distance. The main reason being most people preferred to only ride this distance each day when the main mode of transportation was horseback. Along the Cowboy Trail the distances average around 10 miles in the eastern half (Norfolk to Valentine) and 13 to 15 in the west (Valentine to Chadron).

When planning a long trip, keep not only the distance in mind but also the personal services you will need. A number of the communities long the trails are small and have limited services available. Check the Community Services section for amenities availability.

To travel is to take a journey into yourself – Dena Kaye, Author “The Traveling Woman”

Distances Open For Use - Approximate Mileage Between Communities

(pdf printable version)

Communities Total Distance Norfolk West
Norfolk to Battle Creek 10.6 10.6
Battle Creek to Meadow Grove                 7.73 18.39
Meadow Grove to Tilden 5.59 23.98
Tilden to Oakdale 7.19 31.17
Oakdale to Neligh 5.33 36.5
Neligh to Clearwater 9.33 45.83
Clearwater to Ewing 12.26 58.09
Ewing to Inman 13.59 71.68
Inman to O’Neill 9.59 81.27
O’Neill to Emmet 7.73 89.
Emmet to Atkinson 10.13 99.13
Atkinson to Stuart 9.86 108.99
Stuart to Newport 10.93 119.92
Newport to Bassett 11.99 131.91
Bassett to Long Pine 9.06 140.97
Long Pine to Ainsworth 9.33 150.3
Ainsworth to Johnstown 10.5 160.8
Johnstown to Woodlake 11 171.8
Woodlake to Arabia Ranch Road 10 181.8
Arabia Ranch Road to Valentine 13.2 195
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