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  1. Camp only in designated areas. Respect private property. Obtain permission from private landowners before camping on, or entering the water from private land.
  2. Trash. Pack it in – Pack it out! Take only pictures, leave only footprints.
  3. Be aware and alert in congested areas. Show caution with fast-moving watercraft and their wakes.
  4. While rules give right of way to the boat on the right when two craft are on an intersecting course, it is generally safer for slower nonmotorized watercraft to concede right of way to bigger and faster craft. Keep clear of barges and large boats.
  5. Be courteous to fellow boaters when launching or landing. Boat ramps can become congested. Have your equipment organized before you pull up to the ramp so you don’t block the lane with vehicles, boats or gear.
  6. Steer a good distance around the lines of people fishing from the shore or other boats.
  7. Only build fires in fire rings. Drown flames and coals after use. If no fire ring exists, use camp stoves. (Don’t forget waterproof matches.)