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About the Park Entry Permit

Purchase a Park Permit Online!

Picnic ShelterNebraska's State Park Permit is required when entering all state parks, state historical parks and state recreation areas.

Fees derived from the permits go to improve facilities in the park system, as well as for land acquisition and a portion of the maintenance costs. These funds help build camping areas, trailer dump stations and a variety of other park facilities all across the state. As you visit the state park areas, you may very well encounter work in progress.

Permit fees are as follows:

Annual *$25
Duplicate Annual *$12.50
Daily *$5
*A $1 issuing fee may be required.

Regular park visitors will probably want to purchase the annual permit, while occasional users may find the daily permit better suits their needs. Daily permits are valid until noon after the date of issue.

The entry permit is just that. It does not exempt park users from other fees charged for camping, swimming, trail rides, rental boats and the like.

What Vehicles Must Have A Permit?

All motor vehicles, operated within the boundaries of a designated fee area, must properly display a valid permit, unless otherwise exempted by state park regulations. This includes all vehicles licensed for operation on state highways, including motorcycles and snowmobiles.

Entry permits are not transferable, and annual permits must be permanently affixed to the vehicle. A voiding feature is designed into the permits, and they will be destroyed if an attempt is made to transfer them from one vehicle to another.

towerWhere Should Permit Be Placed?

NEW FOR 2012
Permit location changes
-(Permits must be affixed to lower left side of windshield on the drivers side.)

On all vehicles with windshields, the annual permit sticker must be permanently affixed to the lower left-hand corner of the windshield driver's side). On vehicles without windshields, the permit may be affixed to any clearly visible location on the frame or bumper. Daily permits must be affixed to the lower left corner of windshield, driver's side of the vehicle in order to be valid.

Permits are designed to accommodate vehicles with windshield and those without. Please read the application instructions on the permit before attempting to affix it to your vehicle.

Are Duplicate Permits Available?

The registered owner of two or more vehicles may purchase one duplicate annual permit for each annual permit purchased. The duplicate permit may be used only on the purchaser's vehicles.

What If I Sell My Vehicle?

A permit-holder who sells a vehicle with a valid annual or duplicate permit attached may purchase a duplicate permit for $12.50. Before selling your car, scrape off your park entry permit. Bring this permit or a substantial portion of that permit to any Game and Parks Office and you may purchase a duplicate permit.

How do I purchase My Permit On-Line?

You now have the convenience of purchasing your Park Entry Permits at home. Park visitors wishing to purchase their permits on line will need a MasterCard or Visa. Upon entering your name, address, date of birth, and credit card information, a temporary paper permit will be printed from your personal home computer printer. This paper temporary permit is good for 14 days on annual and duplicate permits. An Annual permit must be purchased in order to obtain a Duplicate permit on line. The Game and Parks Commission will mail a regular sticker permit to you. When purchasing a 'daily' permit, you are able to purchase them for a period of up to 3-consecutive days and the printed paper copy will be your only permit, you will not be mailed a permit sticker. The paper permits (8.5x11in) will be placed in the window of the vehicle. In order for your temporary annual/duplicate and daily permit to be valid, individuals will need to record their vehicle license number on the paper permit and display on the vehicle dash when entering a State Park, Historical Park and/or State Recreation Area.

Where Are Park Permits Available?

The annual, duplicate annual, and daily permits may be obtained at Game and Parks offices in Alliance, Bassett, Lincoln, Norfolk, Kearney, North Platte and Omaha, all manned state park areas. The annual and daily permits may be obtained from all hunting and fishing permit vendors. When purchasing your annual permit, you should obtain a Proof of Purchase stub. You must have this Proof of Purchase stub to obtain your duplicate sticker. Just complete the stub and mail or take to any Game and Parks office. Game and Parks offices and online are the only places that duplicate permits are sold.

The annual and duplicate permits are available online and through the Game and Parks, either by mail or from designated locations and personnel. A duplicate permit is only available on line if you purchase it at the same time you obtain your annual permit.

A list of these locations is provided to every place where permits are sold. Duplicate permits may also be obtained by writing to: Game and Parks Commission, P.O. Box 30370, Lincoln, NE 68503-0370. To obtain a duplicate permit, an individual must submit the $12.50 fee along with the completed Application for Duplicate Permit (proof of purchase) received when the Annual Permit was purchased.

Method of Payment is be either check, money order or VISA/MasterCard. Please do not send cash.

Is Permit Required Year-round?

Yes, it is. With the rise in popularity of winter outdoor activities, costs have gone up to make our park areas available for winter use. Therefore, permits are necessary from January 1 through December 31.

Are Senior Permits Available?

No, there is no provision in the law to allow issuance of free or discounted permits to the elderly or disabled.

What Areas Are Involved?

Permits are required at all areas of Nebraska's State Park System, including state parks, state historical parks (SHP) and state recreation areas (SRA). Entry fee areas are posted at the entrance.


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