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russell mayo
6/25/2014 10:35:46 PM
Memphis Lake SRA
Fish Reports
Channel catfish
was sad to see this park run down. hard to find a fire pit that wasn't bent or pulled out of ground. had to shout out 2 car loads of kids at 2am cause of music in cars place wasn't mowed or trash emptied. water is up,catfish are running at inlet, small crappie off bank with worms
Tycen Breckner
6/22/2014 9:15:48 AM
private pond
Fish Reports
learning to love fishing!!
Hunter R
6/13/2014 3:56:26 PM
Yanny Park Lake
Fish Reports
Channel catfish
Still fishing
1/2lb to 8lb
Well, today I was truly surprised. A friend and I fish at Yanney Park every summer ALOT. Mainly we catch a lot of 7" plus bluegill and some nice bass and trout but we usually every trip we catch 1 or 2 nice 3-8 pound catfish. But on Tuesday we went out about 11 A.M. We went out and fished off the Amphitheater Rocks. We were using bobbers but I through out one of my 8 foot Walleye rods with a 2 foot leader and floating jig head that was green/greenish yellow with a third of a night crawler. Within 1 minute of it hitting the water I caught a 21 in Rainbow Trout. Did the same thing caught some NICE cats (for yanney park) 3lb-7lb. We went out again the next day at 6:30am and we just hammered the catfish. We couldn't keep 2 poles in the water. By 8am we had a limit of 2 people then later in the day we came back about lunch from fishing across the lake and 2 of our friends showed up and we limited out 12 cats all over 3 pounds the biggest was 7 1/2 and 4 trout over 20 inches. I highly recommend this if you love cats and live in Kearney or the surrounding area because you will catch some nice ones that give a good fight. Also the week before that I had my limit of 10 bluegill all masteranglers.
Bill Mason
5/31/2014 9:06:37 AM
Burchard WMA
Hunting Reports
I was just wandering how everybody`s turkey season went. Generally I hunt the north central part of the state but heard there were not as many birds as past years. I did hunt in the southeast part of the state where I am originally from. I had good luck but did not hear as many birds as in the past. I did see some Jakes so that is a good sign. I would like to hear how other hunters came out. I check the outdoor reports regular but have not noticed any new reports. I did hear some Pheasants and a fair number of Quail if they should come back to huntable populations I will buy some more birddogs and enjoy my time outdoors even more.
Big Mac
5/28/2014 9:24:56 PM
Valentine Waterfowl Refuge
Big Alkali Lake WMA
Fish Reports
Largemouth bass
Any plastic bait
10 to 18 inches
Fished Pelican and Hackberry today at the Valentine Waterfowl refuge. Caught numerous pike at Pelican on spinnerbaits with a gold blade. It seemed to work the better than silver blades. Moved to Hackberry and caught dozens of largemouth. About any plastic bait worked as did a Scum frog. Best two bass were 18 and 17.5 inches. Most were under 13 inches but lots of action. Well worth the trip.