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 Bowhunter Education

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All archery (Bow and Arrow) hunters of deer, antelope, elk or mountain sheep age 12 through age 29 must have completed a bowhunter education course AND you must carry some form of proof showing you have completed the required course on your person while hunting

deer, antelope, elk and mountain sheep. Nebraska issues a paper Certificate of Completion to those who complete the course.

If you already have taken a bowhunter education course some where else generally we will honor that Certificate of Completion here. IMPORTANT NOTICE- Those states and provinces that include bowhunting as a part of their Hunter Education Course will not meet the requirements for bowhunting in Nebraska. Be aware, we honor only a separate bowhunter education course and your proof must clearly state it is a BOWHUNTER EDUCATION COURSE. For more information on a course in your home state click here (link to the National Bowhunter Education Foundation.

You must be age 11 or older to be tested or receive a certificate of completion.

What kind of courses do you offer?

Traditional Bowhunter Class - This method is recommended for all and most readily available year-round statewide.

Independent Bowhunter Study Option - This method is extremely limited in availability and is only recommended for those over age 14.

We encourage those who have completed the course and have not done so to create a customer profile on our web page, including your valid hunter education information. Once you have done this we will have a record you have completed a course and it will be printed on all your permits and licenses, meeting the legal requirement. To do this, click on the link, "Update Profile" at this link https://ngpc-permits.ne.gov/NGPC-PS/faces/public/welcome.

Can I hunt without having completed a course?
Yes, if you obtain a Hunter Education Exemption Certificate issued to you under special circumstances for this calendar year and then ONLY while being accompanied at all times while hunting. What do you mean by accompanied?

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