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Hunters Helping the Hungry

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Hunters Helping the Hungry

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Contact: Teresa Lombard, Hunters Helping the Hungry Coordinator - 402-471-5430

Hunters Helping the Hungry program was created in April 2012 with the Nebraska Legislature's passage of LB 928.

This donation-funded program provides ground venison to Nebraskans in need. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission accepts cash donations to pay contracted lockers to accept whole deer from hunters, and to prepare and package ground venison. The venison is then picked up by charitable organizations that distribute the venison to Nebraska residents in need. Hunters who donate a deer pay no processing fee.

Any whole field-dressed deer harvested and checked with a valid Nebraska deer permit is eligible for donation at any one of the contracted processors, which are listed under Processors & Charitable Organizations.

Since all HHH costs for processing must be covered by already donated funds, the number of deer that can be donated by hunters may be limited annually, based on the available fund balances in July. However, fund balances are monitored throughout the year and quotas initially set in July may be increased throughout the hunting seasons to support hunter demand for donating deer.

Interested processors are offered reimbursement for processing at the same per deer rate. Interested processors can apply to contract as Hunters Helping the Hungry program deer donation sites. Processors are asked to accept only whole deer from hunters that will likely yield at least 40 pounds of high quality ground venison.

The 2015 Program Year

Program coordinator Teresa Lombard expects that all deer in good condition that hunters wish to donate will be accepted (provided that the contracted processor judges their deer to be in good condition).  She also expects that deer will be accepted during all Nebraska deer hunting seasons at most of the contracted processors.  However, processors are invited to apply in June to participate in the program, and contracted processors will be identified in August, along with the dates that they will accept deer for donation at their location. 

Highlights From Past Program Years

Over the past three years, from 2012 through 2014, 47,891 pounds of venison have been distributed to Nebraskans.  To date, hunters have donated a total of 971 deer.  In the first year of the program, to ensure that expenditures would not outpace program funding, a limit was set to the number of deer that could be donated, and deer donation could not begin until the start of the November firearm season.  In that year, 213 hunters participated by donating deer (some donating more than one).  In each of the following two years, deer were donated with the start of the September archery season, all deer offered in good condition were accepted, and more than 350 hunters participated (392 hunters donated 392 deer in 2013, and 366 hunters donated 266 deer in 2014).  At the end of each program year unspent funds were retained for use in future years.

Like these results?  Please make a contribution!

Please consider a tax-deductible cash donation to support the Hunters Helping the Hungry program. Donated funds will cover deer processing and other program costs. With your help, this program can continue to provide venison to Nebraskans in need.

Businesses Donating

The Hunters Helping the Hungry program is very grateful to the following donors who contributed more than $30,000 combined to support the program in its first year: Cabela’s Club VISA, CBSHome, the David Scott Foundation, HOME Real Estate, HomeServices of America, Inc., the Metropolitan Utilities District, Northern Natural Gas, Tenaska Marketing Ventures, and Woods Brothers Realty.

Hunters Helping the Hungry 2014 Report

now available!
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Donate to Hunters Helping
the Hungry

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Donate by Check

Payable to Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
Write Hunters Helping the Hungry on the memo line

Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
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PO Box 30370
Lincoln, NE 68503-0370

Hunters and nonhunters alike can donate to fund the Hunters Helping the Hungry program, which encourages hunters to give harvested deer to participating processors to
feed Nebraskans in need.

Hunters can donate money on their Nebraska Big Game Application form. Just look for the shaded box in the upper left corner of the form
(see image below)

Hunters also may donate when purchasing hunt permits ONLINE.
(see image below)


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