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CRP-Management Access Program

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NOTE: The CRP -Management Access Program is being restructured and transitioned into the Open Fields and Waters Program. Learn more about the Open Fields and Waters Program.

GOAL: CRP-MAP will improve habitat for pheasants and other wildlife on CRP land and provide statewide public access for walk-in hunting.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in partnership with Pheasants Forever is offering the CRP-Management Access Program (CRP-MAP). CRP-MAP is a hunting access program being offered to landowners enrolled in the Conservation Reserve CRP Sign Program with at least two years left on their contract. Landowners will be paid from $4.00-$5.00 per acre for the entire CRP tract for improving habitat on 10% of the CRP land and allowing public walk-in only access for hunting and trapping during the hunting season.

Landowners whose CRP tracts have been seeded or partially reseeded within the last four years may be eligible to receive $3 per acre for the entire tract. Any CRP or non-CRP tract with excellent wildlife habitat may be eligible to receive $1 per acre. To find out more or to sign your land up for CRP-MAP, contact your nearest Game and Parks Commission District Office.


The CRP Management Access Program (CRP-MAP) is a pilot program, being implemented statewide across Nebraska. Program goals are to improve habitat for pheasants and other wildlife on CRP land and to provide public access for walk-in hunting on those acres. CRP-MAP is funded jointly by the Game and Parks Commission from Nebraska Habitat Stamp funds and grants from Pheasants Forever chapters across the state.

NOT ALL CRP AREAS ARE OPEN TO PUBLIC HUNTING. Only those areas enrolled in the CRP-MAP program are open to public hunting. Make sure the land you are entering is posted with "CRP-MAP Hunting Permitted" signs like the one illustrated in this publication.

At present, CRP-MAP is a one-year a program that will be evaluated by landowners, hunters, the Game and Parks Commission and Pheasants Forever. Each tract should have a box with "Hunter Survey Cards". Please take time to complete one of these hunter Survey Cards for you hunting party each time you use one of these tracts. Your comments are important. Continuation or expansion of CRP-MAP or similar versions of management and access programs on private lands depends on responsible behavior by hunters and acceptance by landowners.

CRP-MAP promises every hunter who purchases a Habitat Stamp the opportunity to enjoy Nebraska’s diverse wildlife resources. Common sense and ethical behavior used now will ensure that the program is continued and expanded for all to enjoy in the future. Working together, hunters and landowners can preserve the Nebraska hunting tradition!

Hunter Guidelines for CRP-MAP Tracts

  • Hunt only on CRP-MAP property. Do not walk or hunt on adjacent property. Allow a buffer around livestock and buildings. CRP-MAP tracts are for walk-in hunting only. Do not enter properties with vehicles. Do not open gates. Park along the road or in areas designated as parking areas. Avoid stretching fences when crossing them.
  • CRP-MAP tracts are for hunting only. Other activities such as target shooting, camping, horseback riding, or professional dog training are NOT included in the contracts and, therefore, are prohibited.
  • Obey all Nebraska hunting regulations and respect the rights of the landowners when using the area. Treat the land as if it were your own and act responsibly. Current CRP-MAP contracts are only for one year. Hunter behavior will decide the future enrollment of these areas.
  • Take all your trash with you when you leave an area. Make an effort to pick up any trash left by others.
  • CRP-MAP tracts are open during the hunting season.

On occasion, some tracts of land enrolled in CRP-MAP may be removed from the program. Make sure the land you are entering is posted with "CRP-MAP Hunting Permitted" signs like the one illustrated in this publication. If you arrive at a CRP-MAP tract, where adjacent haying or grazing has occurred, do not be too concerned. Portions of some CRP fields were hayed or grazed and are NOT included in this program.

Landowner Liability
Landowners and tenants who enroll in CRP-MAP are afforded some protection from liability through the Nebraska Recreation Liability Act. The Nebraska Recreation Liability Act (Nebraska Statutes 37-1001 to 378-1008) states the following: Landowners or tenants do not assume responsibility or incur liability for injury to any persons who enter land opened to public hunting under agreement with the state.
Note: For legal purposes consult Nebraska Game Laws handbook.

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