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Badgers have excellent noses and can be attracted to a set with the baits and lures. Almost any type of lure will prompt them to investigate the area. Dirt-hole sets will take badgers, with either fresh or tainted bait. They have the habit of revisiting some of their old diggings in case a rabbit or rodent has moved in, so they make good sites for a trap. Traps should be positioned off-center because of the badger's broad body. In fact, it's a good idea to use two traps - one on each side of center. It takes a strong trap to hold this powerful animal, and No. 3 size is generally recommended. However, experienced trappers often use a No. 2 double-coil spring unit. Traps must be carefully concealed and well staked. When caught, badgers will dig out a circle as far as the trap chain will let them. Out of respect for the landowner, always fill in this hole.

Badger sets

The common artificial dirt hole set and the burrow entrance set are the sets most often used. It's difficult to tell which burrow a badger is using, so a lure or bait will help attract it to the burrow you have selected. The dirt-hole set is described under coyote sets.

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