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Nebraska's Wild Turkey Population

The return of the wild turkey to Nebraska, other states that historically had turkey populations and to states outside the turkey's historic range is one of the great success stories of wildlife management. Turkey Distribution Map

The wild turkey was extirpated from Nebraska by about 1915. The modern history of wild turkeys in Nebraska began with releases in 1959. The population prospered, especially in the Merriams subspecies and hybrid birds, and the turkey's range now includes most major river drainages and the pine ridge. Small, isolated populations are found in appropriate habitat outside the primary range.

The wild turkey is the largest upland game bird in North America. Adult Merriam's toms taken in the fall season average 18 pounds and adult hens average 10 pounds. Hybrid birds can be heavier weighing more than 25 pounds.

Most of Nebraska's turkey hunting takes place on private land, and preseason scouting to establish and renew landowner contacts and locate flocks are the first steps to a successful hunt.

Spring turkey hunting is challening and fun. It is the start of many hunters' yearly hunting schedule, and Nebraska turkey hunters are finding record populations of wild turkey. This podcast produced by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is a great introduction to spring turkey hunting. Enjoy.

Mobile Turkey Permits

Last year, Game and Parks launched mobile permits for small game and fishing. Because these permits were so popular, this spring Game and Parks is launching mobile turkey permits. Hunters know that remote parts of rural Nebraska make for great hunting, but they often offer less-than-perfect cellular coverage. For this reason, this spring hunters will have up to 12 hours to cancel their mobile turkey permits. Turkey permit purchases and the cancellation feature will be live and available for use April 11. Guidelines for how to cancel a mobile turkey permit are below. 

It is the responsibility of each hunter to visit the Game and Parks website and learn how to cancel the permits; failure to do so could result in citation for a hunting violation.

Finally, because this process is new, we ask that those who opt to use spring turkey permits contact us to ask questions or to report issues. Your feedback will help us make our mobile permits the best that they can be.

How to use a mobile turkey permit | Regulations


Turkey Guide

Find information on the Spring and Fall seasons as well as permit pricing and youth hunting information. Digital Version.

Turkey Surveys

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