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Mountain Lion Hunting

Mountain Lion Species Page

Mountain Lion Hunting in Nebraska

Mountain lions have recently recolonized three areas in Nebraska: the Pine Ridge, Niobrara River Valley and Wildcat Hills. Dispersing mountain lions have been documented throughout the state including agricultural areas where suitable habitat may be limited. In order to provide hunting opportunities for this species the Commission approved Nebraska's inaugural mountain lion harvest season during 2014. The goal of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is to maintain mountain lion populations in Nebraska over the long-term, as the Commission does with all game species. Research results and population information will be used to inform management decisions, including decisions regarding possible harvest seasons, on an annual basis. No mountain lion hunting season will take place in Nebraska during 2015.

Below are some facts about mountain lion hunting and management in Nebraska:

• Commission biologists evaluate mountain lion population levels each year to determine if a hunting season may be warranted.
• The Commission is working with neighboring states on a more geographically comprehensive management plan.
• Funding from mountain lion permits is used for mountain lion research and management.
• Females reproduce and replenish the population, so managing females is most important for management of the specie

For more information on this animal and its presence in Nebraska, please visit our mountain lion species page.

Mountain lion Hunting Season Recommendations
No mountain lion hunting season has been authorized for 2015.
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