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Snagging Paddlefish

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Snagging of paddlefish and nongame fish is permitted in the Missouri River from the Gavins Point Dam downstream to the mouth of the Big Sioux river at Mile Marker 734, except for a closed area that extends downstream from Gavins Point Dam to a line that extends from the east end of the south cement wall of the discharge canal northwest to the east end of the north wall of the stilling basin.  Paddlefish harvested by snagging may be possessed only on the Missouri River during the respective open season in the area designated as open for harvest. A valid fishing license is required.

The snagging season runs only from October 1 through October 30.  Legal hours are from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  All snaggers must obtain and have in their possession an unfilled paddlefish tag in addition to a fishing license and Aquatic Habitat Stamp (if required) to be actively snagging.  Please see section on Paddlefish Tags.  A paddlefish must be tagged immediately in the dorsal fin with the anglers tag upon addition to the creel.  Any paddlefish tag that is locked prior to attachment, altered or modified shall be void and will not be replaced.  Only one hook may be used when snagging, and the gap between the point of the hook to the shank may not exceed one-half inch.


Snagging permit: July 1-14
Permits remaining following the first drawing will be sold on first¬come, first-served basis beginning at 1 p.m. Central Time on the first working day of September.

Snagging Season:
October 1-31

The daily bag and possession limits are equal to the total number of tags issued to an individual.  A harvest quota will be managed by issuing a limited number of free paddlefish tags with a limit of not more than two tags per person.

All paddlefish anglers are required to cast for and hook their own fish.  All paddlefish between 35 and 45 inches long (measured along the center line of the fish, lying flat, including the entire eye to the natural fork of the tail), must be returned to the water immediately.  The slot limit is designed to protect the majority of spawning-size fish.

It is unlawful to use a gaff hook or other penetrating device while landing snagged paddlefish. Cleaning and Transportation – Anglers harvesting a paddlefish are allowed to process the fish down to two whole fillets after completion of a fishing trip and upon leaving the Missouri River with both the closed paddlefish tag and paddlefish permit remaining with the fillets.

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