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Master Angler Rules

[ Master Angler Award Application ]

If you take an outstanding catch, it may qualify for a Game and Parks Commission Master Angler Award. Application forms are available from any Commission office, conservation officer, or permit vendor. Rules include:
  1. All fish must be taken from Nebraska waters.
  2. Fish must be taken by hook and line. Fish caught on banklines are not eligible. Fish must be hooked, played and landed by the applicant for the award.
  3. The catch must be verified. This may be done by an employee of the Game and Parks Commission, a permit vendor, a witness or a photograph.
  4. Anglers 16 years of age or older must possess a current Nebraska fishing permit and enter the permit number on the application.
  5. Only fish immediately released are eligible for an award based on length. Any fish kept in a livewell or on a stringer must meet the minimum weight requirement to receive an award.
  6. Anglers may receive only one award, based on weight, per year for each species. There is no limit on the number of awards per year based on length.
  7. Anglers who release a Master Angler fish will receive a "Catch and Release Master Angler" pin, in addition to the Master Angler certificate.
  8. Minimum weights must be met to qualify for a Master Angler Award for a harvested fish.
  9. Minimum lengths are used strictly for Master Angler Awards for an individual fish that was caught and released.

Species Length weight
Bass - Largemouth 20 in. 5 lbs.
Bass - Smallmouth 18 in. 3 lbs.
Bass - Spotted 18 in. 3 lbs.
Bass - Rock 11 in. 1 lb.
Bass - Striped 32 in. 10 lbs.
Bass - Striper hybrid 24 in. 8 lbs.
Bass - White 17 in. 2.5 lbs.
Bluegill 10 in. 1 lb.
Buffalo 26 in. 10 lbs.
Bullhead 15 in. 2 lbs.
Burbot 16 in. 1 lb.
Carp 32 in. 15 lbs.
Catfish - Blue 40 in. 30 lbs.
Catfish - Channel 30 in. 12 lbs.
Catfish - Flathead 32 in. 15 lbs.
Crappie 15 in. 2 lbs.
Drum 22 in. 5 lbs.
Eel 24 in. 1 lb.
Gar 40 in. 8 lbs.
Goldeye 16 in. 1.5 lbs.
Muskie/Tiger Muskie 40 in. 15 lbs.
Paddlefish 45 in. 50 lbs.
Perch - Yellow 13 in. 1.25 lbs.
Perch - White 12 in. 1 lb.
Northern Pike 36 in. 10 lbs.
Sauger 21 in. 3 lbs.
Saugeye 23 in. 5 lbs.
Shovelnose Sturgeon 28 in. 2.5 lbs.
Sucker 18 in. 2 lbs.
Sunfish 10 in. 1 lb.
Trout - Brook 14 in. 1 lb.
Trout - Brown 22 in. 4 lbs.
Trout - Rainbow 23 in. 5 lbs.
Walleye 28 in. 8 lbs

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