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Nebraska motorboat registrations are issued for three-year periods.

All vessels powered by any mechanical device capable of propelling the vessel over any public or private waters of Nebraska (including the Missouri River and Lewis and Clark Lake) must be registered, except the following:

  1. Vessels not powered by machinery at any time
  2. Motorboats registered in another state and housed in Nebraska less than 60 consecutive days
  3. Vessels owned by any government or political subdivision
  4. Racing-type motorboats when competing in state-approved races and during trial runs 48 hours prior to or 48 hours after competition;
  5. Vessels documented by U.S. Coast Guard.

Classifications and Fees

  • Class 1-Vessels less than 16 feet in length and all canoes regardless of length: $23.00 plus $4 issuing fee
  • Class 2-Vessels 16 feet or over but less than 26 feet in length: $46.00 plus $4 issuing fee
  • Class 3-Vessels 26 feet or over but less than 40 feet in length: $67.50 plus $4 issuing fee
  • Class 4-Vessels 40 feet in length and over: $115 plus $4 issuing fee
  • Class 5-Dealers or manufacturers of motorboats for demonstration or testing purposes: $46.00 plus $4 issuing fee
Renewals may be done online at the DMV web site.
To renew online now, CLICK HERE!

Renewals may also be done in person at the county treasurers office in the boater's county of residence. end footer

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