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Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is stewardship of the state's fish, wildlife, park, and outdoor recreation resources in the best long-term interests of the people and those resources.

To accomplish that purpose, the Commission plans and implements its policies and programs efficiently and objectively; maintains a rich and diverse environment in Nebraska's lands and waters; provides outdoor recreation opportunities; manages wildlife resources for the maximum benefit of the people; and attempts to help Nebraskans appreciate their role in the natural world.


Our agency is governed by a board of Commissioners appointed by the Governor of Nebraska. The Commissioners appoint a Director for a 6-year term.

NGPC Commissioners and their districts - Click on the map to view more information about our Commissioners.



The agency is divided into 12 separate divisions.

Administration - Sheri.Henderson@nebraska.gov

This division provides support services for all divisions through the following offices and functions:

  • Personnel
  • Internal Audit
  • In-service Training
  • Aircraft Operations
  • Document Processing
  • Headquarters Maintenance
  • Telephone Switchboard
  • Staff Assistants, Secretarial and Clerical Personnel in the district offices
  • Liaison with the Legislature
  • Assistance to the Director's Office


Herb Angell

(402) 471-5579

This division's responsibilities are the following:
  • Boating Administration data entry and monitoring, new legislation and general oversight of the program budget
  • Boating Safety Education- Certification of instructors, distribution of educational materials, certification of students and certification of education classes
  • Boating Law Enforcement- Patrols, accident investigation and safety exams

Budget and Fiscal

This division responsiblities are the following functions:
  • Maintain fiscal records in accord with state and federal laws.
  • Maintain area cost accounting on income and expenditures Commission internal control.
  • Administer fiscal operation and control of federal programs.
  • Administer the fiscal control of issuing State Boating Certificates.
  • Issue all hunting and fishing permits to vendor accounts.
  • Receive, deposit and maintain records on all the funds received by the Commission.
  • Prepare and maintain Commission's fiscal and operating budgets.
  • Perform audits of federal programs relating to participating subdivisions.
  • Administer an internal program of forms control, including development and use of forms.
  • Perform other administrative functions as assigned by the Board of Commissioners, Director and/or Assistant Directors.


This division responsiblities are the following functions:

  • Develop appropriate design solutions for agency engineering and architectural projects.
  • Draw complete plans, write specifications and bid agency construction projects.
  • Administer construction contracts, conduct inspections and write reports.
  • Select and work with private consulting firms hired to assist the Commission.
  • Furnish Cadastral surveys, prepare legal descriptions and provide construction survey layouts for agency projects.
  • Produce construction specifications and manage division records.


Donna Waller
(402) 471-5552

This division responsiblities are the following functions:
  • Fish Stocking
  • Habitat Enhancement
  • Operation F.I.S.H. Rehab
  • Renovations
  • Fishing Access
  • Fish Populations
  • Angling Assessments
  • Fish Kills
  • Research
  • Technical Assistance
  • Professional Involvement


Peggy Kapeller

This division's responsiblities are the following functions:

  • Art Department
  • Mail & Shipping
  • Conservation Education and Outreach
  • Special Projects and Events
  • State Fair
  • Building Public Awareness

Law Enforcement

This division's responsiblities are the following functions:

  • Enforcing Fishing, Hunting, Parks and Boating Laws
  • Hunter Education
  • Bowhunter Education
  • Boating Education
  • Conducting investigative work
  • Public resource protection

Operations and Construction

This division's responsiblities are the following functions:

  • Assist other divisions with personnel and equipment for construction, maintenance, transportation.
  • Supervises the daily operation and maintenance of unmanned areas.
  • Establish tree nurseries and maintaining a tree transplanting programs,
  • Assist with regulation enforcement, public contact relating to unmanned areas.
  • Provide equipment/material supply warehouse for the Parks Division including staff.
  • Supervise and operate heavy equipment.
  • Install and maintain utility services.
  • Supervise and assist with construction, renovation, and repair of agency building facilities.

State Parks

The 88 state park areas across the state offer a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. Some parks offer modern campgrounds, cabins, swimming pools and trail rides, while at others visitors may enjoy the cultural interpretation of a historic site. Still other opportunities include such things as boating and fishing at Nebraska's many lakes, primitive camping in the Pine Ridge country and backpacking along the Missouri River.

Nebraska's park areas are managed by four categories:

  • State Parks: Public use areas of significant scenic, scientific and/or historical values and of sufficient size to allow adequate development without infringing on the primary values.
  • State Recreation Areas: Areas that possess resource values primarily associated with active outdoor recreation pursuits, day-use activities and camping. All the state's major water-oriented areas fall in this classification;
  • State Historical Parks: Sites that have notable historical significance.
  • State Recreation Trails: Linear corridors of statewide or regional significance for non-motorized recreational use; may be equipped with amenities and support facilities appropriate to their intended use.
Park Planning

Park planning is an effort to solve particular park design problems through preparation of graphic designs, descriptive narratives and preliminary cost estimates for various park developments.

Sign Shop

The sign shop handled a variety of signs and displays for all Commission areas.

Horticulture & Landscape

To promote the planting and proper care of trees, shrubs and wildflowers in landscapes of the Nebraska Park System.

Planning and Programming

Areas of Responsibility

  • Administration of federal grant programs
  • State trail development
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Federal Aid to Fish and Wildlife Restoration
  • Environmental reviews of federally assisted developments
  • Manage and MaintainLibrary


One of the most important roles of this division is its service to other divisions in legal record keeping, negotiations, appraisals, leasing and acquisition.

Realty is involved in land acquisitions, appraisals, lease renewals, payments and cancellations, appraisal reviews, negotiations and public hearings.


The Wildlife Division has four operating sections:
  • Administrative: Coordinates administrative support, including planning, budgeting, federal aid liaison, employee training and computer support.
  • Programs: Administers the private lands habitat program and coordinates habitat improvement activities on public lands not owned or controlled by the agency. In addition, this section provides regional coordination of resource issues and habitat evaluation.
  • Technical: Manages state wildlife management areas, conducts wildlife field surveys, depredation responses and provides regional recommendations for seasons/bags and regulations. This section also coordinates the administrative regulations for the division.
  • Research, Analysis and Inventory: Handles wildlife research and forensics and species programs oversight, including game, nongame, threatened and endangered species and wildlife heritage.
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