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State Parks and Public Places Guides

State Park Rules

Items listed here represent many of the rules applicable to Nebraska state park system areas.  Some special rules may apply on certain areas, and such information is posted there.  Please comply with those rules as you do with the ones outlined here.

Here is a complete list of the official Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Regulations (Title 163) for the Parks Division. 


Abandon Property

  • Leave any vehicle or other personal property unattended for more than 24 hours without permission of the superintendent.

Alcohol Policy

  • Alcohol is prohibited at Lake McConaughy and Willow Creek State Recreation Area. 
  • Consumption is prohibited on all roadways, designated swimming areas and parking areas.
  • Consumption of alcohol may be prohibited on any park area or portions thereof with the use of appropriate signage.
  • Consumption is prohibited between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.
  • Containers of alcoholic beverages whose single liquid capacity is greater than one gallon are prohibited.

Audio Devices

  • Operate or use any audio device (such as a radio) in a manner or at a time that is unreasonably annoying or a danger to persons in public places.
  • Operate or use a public address system without a permit.


  • Pitch tents or park camping units in campgrounds in non designated campsites.
  • Camp for more than 14 days in a single area during any 30 day period, except for designated extended stay campsites.
  • Dig or level ground in campsites without permission of the superintendent.
  • Leave any personal property when departing an area or site, including litter.

Destruction of Property

  • Possess, destroy, injure, deface, remove, or disturb any building, sign, equipment or other structure, or any plant or animal matter, including flowers, nests, mineral formations, artifacts or relics, or other public property without permission of the superintendent.
  • Destroy, dig, remove, or possess any tree, shrub, or plant, except for dead wood found on the ground and used for fuel.

Fire and Fireworks

  • Build any fire outside of the fireplaces provided by the commission for that purpose.  Stoves   and lanterns or grills are permitted.
  • Build a fire or use any type of cooking device on a designated swimming beach.
  • Leave a fire unattended.
  • Use or possess fireworks or explosives without a permit, except in designated areas.

Vehicle Operation

  • Exceed the posted speed limit.
  • Operate a vehicle anywhere other than designated roads, trails, parking areas or campgrounds.
  • Park other than in designated locations
  • Operate any unlicensed motor vehicle, including minibikes and three, and four-wheeled ATV’s, golf carts and motorized scooters.
  • Allow person(s) to ride on any exterior portion of a vehicle not designed for use by passengers.


  • Drain or dump RV/trailer wastes anywhere other than the receptacles provided.
  • Clean food, fish or fowl, or wash clothing or other personal property at area hydrants.
  • Dispose of body wastes except in receptacles provided for that purpose.
  • Dump household or commercial refuse brought from private property.


  • Ride or hitch horses or other saddle or pack animals in campgrounds, picnic areas, or in the vicinity of trail shelters, except where trails and facilities are provided for such use.


  • Operate an unregistered snowmobile.
  • Operate a snowmobile on other than designated roads, trails, parking areas, and lake surfaces or at speeds greater than those safe and reasonable or in such a way as to cause discomfort, hazard or damage to the person or property of others.


  • Swim or wade in other than designated areas.
  • Use flotation devices that are not U.S. Coast Guard approved in designated swimming areas.
  • SCUBA dive in designated swimming areas.


  • Conduct a public meeting, assembly, religious service, or special event except by special permit.


  • Sell any goods or services without a permit
  • Sell or distribute any printed matter without a permit.
  • Install any permanent or semi-permanent structure without a permit.
  • Possess or use any mineral or metal-detecting device.
  • Use roller skates or skateboards other than in designated locations.
  • Possess glass food or beverage containers on any beach.
  • Discharge firearms except as prescribed by regulations.

                    Quite hours in campgrounds are in effect from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.  All animals must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet, crated or caged, except for Seeing Eye or other service dogs.  Public buildings, designated swimming beaches and pools are off-limits to all animals except Seeing Eye and service dogs.

                    Littering is not only an offense, it is offensive.  Please dispose of all refuse properly.  Help keep our parks clean and green.

                    Violation of laws and regulations governing Nebraska State Park areas constitutes a Class V misdemeanor and, upon conviction, could result in a fine of not more than $100.

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