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How to Fish from a Boat

Some of the best spots in Nebraska for fishing are too wide to negotiate with hip waders, or the shores may be too steep or rough to make riverbank fishing practical. A boat is a good option on such places, and it can transport you quickly around to better locations.

Here are some tips for fishing from a boat:
  • Inspect your boat and motor thoroughly before starting. Make sure everyone on board has a life preserver.
  • Make sure you haven't overloaded your boat with passengers, and make sure the boat is large enough to handle the currents in the river.
  • Carry extra gear in case equipment fails or you need to change to heavier lines and rods. Have one person manning the engine at all times, even when anchored.
  • Choose between three main methods: drift fishing, back trolling or anchor fishing.
  • Drift fish after finding a good fast current location. Idle the engine, put out the lines and drift through the section, then reel in and power back up above the section to drift through again.
  • Back troll by running the motor fast enough to maintain one location in the river. Let the current pull the lines out.
  • Anchor fish after finding a good spot in the river. Drop anchor and let the current carry the lines out. When you get a fish on the line, be ready to pull anchor and start the motor. Otherwise, fish may become entangled in the anchor rope.
  • Always reel in your line when someone else gets a fish on. Be ready to assist with landing the fish, and keep your rod out of the person's way.
  • Use a net to land smaller fish and a gaffing hook to land larger catches.
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