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Getting Started in Archery

One of the many cool things about archery is that anyone can master the sport with a little practice. And having the ability to place an arrow exactly where you want it is just awesome. Archery is an easy sport to begin.

To get started you simply need:

  • A bow of sufficient draw weight
  • Arrows matched to your bow and proper tip
  • A target that will catch your arrow
  • A safe place, such as an archery range, to shoot your bow

This information will highlight a number of key elements you will find interesting as you delve into the world of archery. From understanding the equipment better, places to shoot and the many programs that await you, this web page is designed to be your local archery resource.

What type of bow do I want to shoot? Where to find equipment? How do I match the bow and arrows to my size and needs? These are all questions the beginning archery needs to know. If you start shooting in one of our many introductory programs, these will be answered for you. Should you venture out on your own, archery pro shops can be a great place to start.

Where to Shoot:
Just about everyone in Nebraska lives near a quality archery range. Ranges are important as they provide you with a safe place to shoot your bow using targets placed at measured distances. Some are open year round while others have a more limited schedule. There are several places you can actually go and rent archery equipment to shoot. We will highlight these locations, along with many others in your area that can help get you started. Find an archery range in your area.

Archery Clubs & Programs:
The Nebraska Game and Parks along with a number of archery clubs across the state offer many introductory to intermediate level archery programs designed to help you get started in this fun sport. From the National Archery in the Schools Program to the local pro shop archery lessons, Nebraska is home to a vast number of programs that will help you get started and stay shooting archery for a long time.

Enjoy this information and check back from time to time as we will update the content often. Archery has become one of the most popular shooting sports in America. It is fun, challenging and enjoyed by anyone who wishes to participate. It can be a team sport or an individual hobby. You can shoot paper targets, foam animal targets or use a bow and arrow for hunting in Nebraska. With all these possibilities, it is easy to see why archery is catching fire!


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