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Boating - Types of Boating

All-Purpose Fishing Boats
All-Purpose Fishing Boats Built for many activities, such as freshwater and salt-water fishing, these family fishing boats are capable of pursuing many species, including bass. They tend to have higher freeboard than bass boats because they spend more time in rough water. More Information »

Aluminum Fishing Boats
Aluminum Fishing Boats Small lightweight and, durable trailer boats made of aluminum are most often used for freshwater fishing. Generally very simple craft, featuring riveted or welded aluminum hulls and bench seating, they can be operated in fish-friendly places - shallow water, coves, inlets - not many other boats can reach. Powered primarily by outboard engines, this type of boat offers both tiller and remote steering options. More Information »

Bass Boats
Bass Boats have low, sleek profiles and are built to fish with two or three anglers on board. The minimum length of bass boats starts with 16 feet and can go up to 26 feet. More Information » Bowriders Bowriders These family boats are the most popular in the runabout/spotboat category and are equipped with extra seats and forward access to the bow, a convenient spot to relax and sun. More Information »

Center Console
Center Console These open fishing boats are built to take rough offshore waters in pursuit of ocean fish. Rod holders, outriggers and other gear are common fittings onboard. More Information » Closed Bow Runabouts Closed Bow Runabouts Closed Bow Runabouts are fast and ideal for smaller crews who enjoy the sleek sports car look. These boats are great for watersports activities. More Information »

Cuddy Cabins
Cuddy Cabins These are great day cruisers and overnighters for small groups and family boating. Ideal for skiing, tubing and wakeboarding, they are most often powered with sterndrive engines, but outboard power is becoming popular, too. More Information » Deck Boats Deck Boats Deck boats have wide deck to carry 8 to 12 or more passengers (like pontoons) but look and perform more like runabouts. They are powerful, too, making them excellent boats for skiing, tubing and wakeboarding. More Information »

Dinghies These small crafts are usually less than 10 feet in length, easy to carry on a car top or light enough to carry on board a cruiser. Great for use off the beach, or around the harbor. More Information »

Electric Boats
Electric Boats are becoming more popular for easy cruising on smaller lakes. While some boats are built primarily for electric power, fishing boats and pontoon boats are increasingly propelled by electric motors. More Information »

Fish and Ski
Fish and Ski This craft allows boaters to enjoy the two most popular on-water activities; fishing and skiing. This family fishing and recreational boat has enough power to pull a skier or two, and to get to the fishing spot in short order. More Information »

Flat Boats
Flat Boats These boats are popular in costal areas where sea trout and redfish live. They can float and run in water less than two feet deep and are ideal for fishing with two to three people on board. More Information »

Heavy Welded Boats
Heavy Welded Boats Emerging as a new and more durable metal boat, it’s a good alternative for fishing boats, runabouts and even some cruisers. These lighter boats perform well with smaller engines, saving fuel. More Information »

Houseboats are designed to offer lake house living on the water complete with spacious floor plans and modern amenities for entertaining, dining and sleeping. More Information »

Inboard Cruisers
Inboard Cruisers Inboard cruisers tend to be 30-feet long or longer and are great for sleeping, cooking and plumbing facilities. They feature a simpler drive mechanism that is often considered easier to maintain in salt water. More Information »

Inboard Ski Boats
Inboard Ski Boats accelerate rapidly to "pop" skiers from the water and turn very crisply recovering a downed skier easily. These boats are great for skiing, racing and other watersports activities. More Information »

Inboard Wakeboard Boats
Inboard Wakeboard Boats Powered by inboard engine, these boats "throw" a perfect wake for very serious wake boarders. With the engine set back against the transom, seating is more comfortable and open like a bowrider. More Information »

Inflatable Boats
Inflatable Boats Inflatable boats range in size from 8-foot dinghies for tenders to 30-foot high performance boats. These boats are suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing, watersports and more. More Information »

Jet Boats
Jet Boats Like bowriders and deckboats, they offer comfortable seating and sunning areas, plus a speedy and exciting ride. They are distinguished from runabouts by their propulsion system, which is enclosed inside the hull. More Information »

Jon Boats
Jon Boats A Jon Boat is a multi-purpose camping, freshwater fishing and hunting craft, typically aluminum and powered by a small to moderate outboard. They may be customized with added fishing features like trolling motors and driver consoles. More Information »

Motor Yachts
Motor Yachts Motor yachts are ideal for ocean cruising or navigating large rivers or the Great Lakes, as well as entertaining at the dock. Two engines, usually fueled with diesel and a generator for electricity make them self-sufficient in terms of living accommodations. More Information »

Multi-Hull Cruisers
Multi-Hull Cruisers Also known as catamarans, a wide, airy main cabin is the trademark of these cruisers along with lots of deck space for sunning. They are fuel-efficient and are excellent for long-range cruising and island hopping. More Information »

Multi-Hull Power Boats
Multi-Hull Power Boats Catamarans are the most popular multi-hull boats and are usually offered as an alternative to center consoles. Most catamarans are designed for hardcore angling, but some models offer recreational and cruising amenities. More Information »

Performance Boats
Performance boats are the sleek sports cars of the boating world, offering high speeds and precise handling to boaters who prefer their thrills full throttle. Marrying big horsepower with sleek hulls results in boats that are equally at home slicing through ocean swells or tearing up inland lakes. Cranking offshore or simply relaxing in a cove, performance boats deliver lots of smiles per hour. More Information »

Pontoon Boats
Pontoon Boats give families with younger boaters a secure place to enjoy the ride or toddle about when at anchor, thanks to wide decks and "lay pen-like" side rails and gates. When equipped with larger engines they can be as quick as runabouts. More Information »

Sailboats differ from other types of boats in that they are propelled partly or entirely by wind; they use sails to transform the power of the wind into power that moves the boat through the water. The term sailboat covers a wide variety of sailing craft, each with its own characteristics and styles. In general, sailboats are distinguished by size, hull configuration, keel type, number of sails, use and purpose. To learn more about a specific type of sailboat, click on a category below. More Information »

Sedan Bridge
Sedan Bridge Sedan Bridge has all the style of a sportfishing yacht, but exchanges a tuna lookout tower and fishing amenities for more deck space and swim platform. They have ample living accommodations including an electrical generator, AC and plumbing. More Information » Sportfishing Boats Sportfishing Boats These boats are great for pursuing large fish. Often equipped with sleeping berths, a galley for cooking and plumbing for convenience, they have the capacity to stay on the water for days. More Information »

Stern Drive Cruisers
Stern Drive Cruisers Great for freshwater fishing, watersports, cruising and much more, these boats have all the comforts expected from recreational cruising boats including sleeping, cooking and plumbing equipment. More Information »

Trawlers Facilities for sleeping, cooking and plumbing provide boating fun for weekends on the water with family and friends. They can handle big rivers, lakes and oceans on moderate days. More Information

Walkaround These boats may be the ultimate family fishing boats and are most popular in coastal waters, large bays and the Great Lakes where anglers pursue salmon or offshore ocean species. They are equipped with rod holders, livewells and steps to the forward deck to make it easy to follow a big fish around the boat.

Boat types and descriptions courtesy of Discover Boating.

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